The rules are simple: We're hosting a cooperative game. As it is cooperative, we expect you to work with other players to capture checkpoints and destroy objectives. As it is also a game, we expect you won't attempt to intentionally ruin another player's fun.

The rules are subjective: Server moderators are entrusted with deciding what behavior is unacceptable. They may warn, kick or ban offenders as they deem appropriate.

The rules are ambiguous: We haven't codified specific behavior as Badtm, but we do have a few tips for you.

  1. Avoid harming your teammates. Most don't like it (but we're not going to kink-shame those that do).
  2. Avoid moving into another player's field of fire during a gun battle. You'll get shot, and you'll prevent the other player from hitting their target.
  3. The M-18 smoke grenade is a valuable tool, but don't overdo it. Using smoke for concealment across open ground is good, spamming it in confined spaces is bad.
  4. There have been a handful of unconfirmed reports alleging the insurgents use IEDs. These claims are most likely enemy propaganda intended to demoralize Security Forces. Nevertheless, remain vigilent and tell your teammates if you spot an IED.
  5. Find work. Pay attention to what your teammates are doing and take up a position to benefit the team. If two or more teammates are covering a door during a counterattack, go cover another door. The least glamorous roles are often the most important.
  6. Be patient. You're not impressing anyone by running ahead and getting yourself killed. It makes you a burden to the team, and we will loot your corpse as we advance.